Terms & Conditions

We at Bingham’s Bowling Supply are strictly Re-sellers of the Products Sold on this Site. At NO time is Bingham’s Bowling Supply liable for any injury or defect the Product has. We always will offer a 100% Refund for any Defective Product or Exchange at the Customer’s Discretion.

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After Placing an Order with Bingham’s Bowling Supply, We will E-mail You a Tracking Number once the Order Ships.

We do have Guest Checkout as Our Only Option giving the Customer a Chance to have a speedy Checkout Process.


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Privacy Policy

Bingham’s Bowling Supply wants You to feel Safe when Ordering from Us. We have a FULL SSL Security Certificate that protects Your Private information. NO Credit Cards are Stored in Our Database and We will NEVER Sell or Exchange Your Personal Information or E-mail Address to ANY PERSON OR COMPANY. We Reserve the right to Call You at the Number Provided to Discuss the Status of Your Order and You also have the right at any time using the Contact Us at the top of the Home Page or Call Us at 1-800-660-7719 to get an Order Update.

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Exchange Policy

Bingham’s Bowling Supply does offer a Exchange Policy. Again the Item must not be Damaged or the Item Used. We ask that You inform of Us about Exchanging an Item within (7) Business Days from the Receipt of You Receiving Your Order. We reserve the right to inspect the Item to be Exchanged before an New Item will be Shipped to You. We will not accept Exchanges after (30) days from the day the item or items were purchased. We ask that You use Our Contact Us at the Top of the Home Page or Call Us at 1-800-660-7719.

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Return Policy

Bingham’s Bowling Supply does accept Returns within (30) Days of Receipt provided that You contact Us within (7) Days of Receipt that You wish to Return it.  We do ask that the Item is not used or damaged in any way and reserve the right to inspect the item or items before giving a Refund.  Please contact Us either through Our Contact Form or Call at 1-800-660-7719 to let Us know about the Return. DO NOT RETURN THE ITEM TO THE SHIPPING ADDRESS ON THE SHIPPING LABEL. CONTACT US BEFORE AT 1-800-660-7719 BEFORE RETURNING THE PACKAGE.

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Shipping Policy

Bingham’s Bowling Supply has Our Shipping Policy as the Following:

We Ship All Orders within 48 Hours of Receipt. We do NOT Ship on Weekends or Holidays.
We use USPS (United States Post Office) for most of Our Shipping.
We do NOT Ship out the USA. We do However Ship to P.O. Boxes
If You do not Receive Your Order in a Timely Fashion, please use Our Contact Us at the Top of the Home Page or Call Us at 1-800-660-7719

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