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From the Owner

Hi Everyone, Owner Grant Bingham here to update You:

  in May of this Year, I decided that I want to just concentrate on Accessories. Why? Bowlers need Accessories on a regular basis. I know when I was Bowling 5 Nights a Week for 20 Years, I needed Rosin Bags, Slide for My Shoes, Soles for my Shoes, etc. I loved every minute of Bowling for 20 Years. I Bowled Monday – Friday (sometimes both early and late Leagues) Remember Late Leagues? HA HA. I do and I loved Bowling both Shifts. I worked hard starting with a 133 Average getting up to 211 toward the end. In the 20 Years I took off 1 Summer. Yes 1 Summer. I probably Bowled a 1000 or more games. 

What I am getting at is We do not have a Pro Staff. What We do have is a knowledgeable Customer Service Staff and Me. Even after We close Our office, I am always available for You to message Me on Our Facebook Page or E-mail Me at: