About Us

Bingham’s Bowling Supply Started Business on July 19,2004. We are currently located in Blades, DE. but We are an Online Shop only. As Owner Grant Bingham I Bowled for 21 Straight Years with only taking 1 Summer off in Leagues. I Bowled in Tournaments. I won 3 National Amateur Tournaments in the NABI Organization. So I have a lot of experience with Bowling. I even tried a League of Duckpin Bowling. Was not very good. Very hard game. But it is a fun Sport as well as Ten Pins. My Company Bingham’s Bowling Supply is dedicated to serve Our Customers with the most respect and the best attitude. We love Bowlers with Lower Averages and Higher Averages. I started with a 133 Average and after 21 Years built it to a 212. Back in the 1990’s They did not have the Bowling Balls they have today but the Sport is still a Sport of Fun and Skill. So to wrap this up I hope You come Shop with Us. We will take care of You. We stock the Best Products. We do not carry Shoes or Ten Pin Balls. Why? Because have You ever gone to buy a pair of Shoes and wanted to try them on 1st? I do. And as for the Bowling Balls, there are so many coming out each day it is hard to keep up. We have LOW prices. Great Customer Service and as You can see a Owner who loves Bowling with a passion. We look forward to serving You. If You have any Questions Please Call Us at 1-800 -660-7719 or use the Contact Form. We Thank You very much for Your Business.